Halloween Costume Ideas for Women

Halloween is one of the few days of the year that you can dress up like your favorite hero, villain, storybook character or even food! There are so many Halloween Costume Ideas to choose from!

Here are Halloween Costume Ideas in Alphabetical Order

Batman Movie - Batgirl
Batman Movie - Catwoman
Batman Movie - Harley Quinn
Batman Movie - Poison Ivy
Beetlejuice - Miss Receptionist
Bonnie and Clyde
Captain America
Chesire Cat
Frozen - Elsa
Greek Goddess
Harley Quinn
The Hobbit - Galadriel
Jack Skellington
Jessica Rabbit
Lord of the Rings - Arwen
Mad Hatter
Minnie Mouse
Ninja Turtles - April O'Neil
Ninja Turtles - Donatello
Ninja Turtles - Leonardo
Ninja Turtles - Michelangelo
Ninja Turtles - Rafael
Princess Jasmine
Queen of Hearts
Red Riding Hood
Snow White
Wonder Woman

Plus Size Costumes for Women

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You're bad to the bone and you want everyone to know it. Show off your mean streak with these 50 Halloween Costume Ideas for a sexy villain -- you know who you are. These Halloween Costume Ideas will suit your personality and reflect the naughty side of you. The sexy villain costumes in this post are so mean, these villains reek havoc in the lives of their nemesis (which is the hero of the story) and innocent people. Some of these sexy villain costumes characters would curse a baby, skin a puppy and some will turn people into polyps if a contract is broken. Read on to get Your 10 Halloween Costume Ideas for a Sexy Villain!

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