Halloween Spiders Decorative Blocks

Spider Box, ATB Art Cube, Artist Trading Block
ATB, Artist Trading Block OOAK featuring Black Widow Spiders. Creepy art cube with lots of spiders and a skeleton hand. Do you have a small empty spot in your Halloween display? Maybe your desk at the office could use a little creeping up. I've got just what you need, my Halloween ATB that's perfectly creep-tacular. This art cube is handmade of mat board shaped into a 3" x 3" square. All six sides were then covered in a brick colored crackle print paper "distressed" at the edges for a nice dank dark atmosphere and then vintage window panels were set in the center of four sides, each with it's own unique arachnid occupant. Below there are four glossy black carved wooden feet raising the box up about an inch. But the top is where all the action is. A skeletal hand has been left to fend for itself as two deadly Black Widow Spiders have arrived to stake out their territory. These spiders were both handmade by me and they look SO realistic. There is one of my Large Black widows (over 2 inches on her leg span) and as she climbs up onto the hand she shows her classic hourglass mark on her abdomen.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Blocks
This stack of blocks are made from 2x3 wood. They are glued together so you never lose one. The bright colors and cute spiders will make you smile, not run.

Halloween blocks CUTE little spider EEK!
This listing is for one "Cute little spider EEK!" Mini stacker wood block set. with cute orange and white ribbon overall size is 4x6 inches To see all my listings check out my shop. thanks

Scary Spider Block, Orb Weaver Spider, Fall Colors
Scary Spider Block, Orb Weaver Spider, Fall Colors 7.75" square, 1" deep This Orb Weaver spider made its home outside my window last fall, building its beautiful perfectly round web. I'm not fond of spiders but I admired its talent and had to capture it in a photo! Perfect decor for Halloween!

DIY Fall Autumn Halloween Trick or Treat Boo Spider Cobwebs Holiday decoration
These blocks are the perfect accent to any room. This 8" x 8", over 5 lbs glass is very thick and sturdy. It comes with the opening on top in case you'd like to decorate with loose items inside instead of a single bulb. If you prefer it on the bottom or if you'd like to choose a different color just let me know in the notes when you purchase. (decoration not included)

Ganz - Halloween Stacked Block Signs - Select from 3 styles (Spider)
Select 1 or all of the adorable Halloween Stacked Block Sets. Perfect for a Party or the Halloween season.

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