Halloween Frankenstein Decorative Blocks

Halloween Decor Little Monsters Accent Pieces Dracula Frankenstein
♦ This hand-painted wooden grouping includes your choice of 1 Dracula or 1 Frankenstein or 1 Mummy or 1 Werewolf, 1 "Happy" and 1 "Haunting" Saying Block. ♦ Any one of these festive little monsters would be a perfect addition to your SPOOKY Halloween decor. Place these guys on your desk at work, in your classroom or on your mantle at home for all to enjoy as they will surely make you smile. Each is a separate piece to be arranged to your liking. Great as a gift or for your own home or office decor. ♦ Saying blocks are cut from 2" Pine and measure 5" & 7" (top to bottom) Monsters are cut from 1" pine and measure: Dracula - 2 3/4" w X 2 3/4" t Frankenstein - 3 1/8" w X 3" t Mummy - 2 3/4" w X 2 3/4" t Werewolf - 3 3/8" w X 2 3/4" t

Blockenstein, Fankenstein's head in block form
Give your Halloween d├ęcor a smiling face with Blockenstein. It sits just about anywhere and it is made of solid wood. Handmade and hand painted with care. The bolts in the head are reinforced with wire so if he would fall the wood bolts would not fall off all the way

Halloween Decor Frankenstein, Halloween Decor Chunky Wood
Meet Frank. Our Halloween decor Frankenstein cut from 2" thick pine. This chunky wood Frankenstein Halloween Decoration measures 8" wide and 12" tall. He's painted lime green, antiqued and stained complete with bolts and an antiqued black hair piece. Frankenstein will stand alone in all of your Halloween displays. *Variations in wood are considered part of the natural character of each piece, giving each item it's own unique character.

Frankenstein Block Head
Cute Woden Frankenstein blockhead ready for upcoming fall! Great decoration for a shelf, mantle or anywhere knock-knacks can be placed, happy shopping :)

wood block frankenstein
Cute frankenstein block. Hair is bead board. Cute embellishments. Size is around 5 inches wide and 7 inches high and about 2 inches thick.

Frankenstein Block
It's a Monster Mash! This Frankenstein block is 6in tall, 5in wide & 1.5 in deep, painted lime green with black distressed edges. A black & white polka dot ribbon is tied around it. Perfect addition to your Halloween decor!

Halloween Art - Halloween Acrylic Painting
Frankenstein is a cute Halloween art, mini artwork, Halloween acrylic painting, Halloween decor on mini canvas block. The sides have metal bolts to add to his artwork. It is painted on deep canvas block. It is a perfect addition to a cubicle or shelf. It was painted with quality acrylics on stretched canvas. The back is signed for originality. All of the sides are painted. Size: 5" wide X 5" high x 1 1/2 " deep

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