Plenty of Funny Acting Brand New Halloween Costumes for 2015

2015 is a great year for funny acting Halloween Costumes, thanks to social media and Hollywood.  I have compiled the list for you.

1. Donald Trump - this presidential candidate / billionaire extraordinaire will be a hot costume this year. Donald's all over the place, isn't he?! It's no surprise that he made the list this year.

2. Owen from Jurassic World - Chris Pratt owned this character in my opinion and he was amazing. The comic below depicts a spoof of the famous scene where Owen tries to control the dinosaurs as the Alpha Male.
Owen Costume for Men, Owen Costume for Boys

4. Joker and Harley Quinn - With the upcoming movie of Suicide Squad releasing next year, you will be ahead of the game playing this mischievous couple.
Harley Quinn Costumes for Women
Harley Quinn Costumes for Women Page 2

Joker Costumes for Men

5. Left Shark from Katie Perry's performance
This Halloween Costume will probably be irrelevant by next year, but right here/right now it's the "It" costume. Left Shark caused a sensation at one of the most watched televised events - the Super Bowl. He was one of Katy Perry's backup dancers who appeared to be falling behind in the dance moves that Right Shark seemed to have perfected. The video went viral. It seemed like he was a dancer who just forgot the dance moves, but it turns out the whole thing was planned and performed correctly.

6. Astronaut - Everything about space is so popular right now. With all the Hollywood movies that came out this year, it's no wonder!
Astronaut Baby Costumes
Astronaut Costumes for Toddler Boys
Astronaut Costumes for Boys
Astronaut Costumes for Women
Astronaut Costumes for Men

7. Inside Out Costumes - The movie of many emotions! This is a popular kids movie that came out and the costumes for the characters would be very colorful.

8. Hotel Transylvania - Part 2 Came out this year and the kiddos love it!

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