Mark Watney Saves Halloween 2015

Desperate to save Halloween, Harry... oops, I mean Teddy, decides to send Mark Watney back.

The costumes used in this spookygram are:

Dumb and Dumber Harry Blue Adult Tuxedo Costumes

Storm Costumes for Women

Astronaut Costumes for Men

There were a few big things that happened this Halloween season 2015, weren't there? The Martian is an amazing movie that came out this month. If you haven't seen it yet, I'm sorry, but you have to watch it to understand why I named Mark Watney (astronaut) "The Fonze".  Jeff Daniels played the director of NASA in the movie and if you can recall, he also played a memorable character in Dumb and Dumber. He did great in both movies. X-Men will be coming out with a new movie and recently, Beyonce was a hit dressed as Storm, so the costume fit with the recent events.

The now world famous, Hurricane Patricia, the strongest hurricane ever recorded, made an impact and broke records a few days before Halloween.  Also, if you didn't know, there is an asteroid that will be making a fly-by near earth on Halloween.

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