How To Dress Up Like Donald Trump for Halloween

He's all over the press these days. So why wouldn't he be the latest trend
for Halloween 2015?

The Donald Trump Costume doesn't have much to it. A head full of hair, the signature blue suit and maybe his presidential hat.

We found some great wigs to match Donald's golden coif. You can also don a rubber mask (no pun intended).

You'll feel like a billion bucks in this Adult Billionaire Wig. Luckily for you, money can buy a lot of happiness, buildings, beauty pageants, and wives. So live out your dreams with this iconic wig. Synthetic wig w/ signature reddish orange comb-over Mesh lined interior

Your'e Fired Wig
Remember a wig cap (sold separately) to hold in your own hair. For wig care and styling tips click here.

Mr. President Billionaire Halloween Costume Wig, Adjustable
Adjustable, Unisex Wig - Breathable; Washable Highest Quality Fibers Will Fit Men, Women & Children Great Costume Wig for Halloween, Republican Bashes or Business Meetings WARNING: NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BAD HAIR DAYS! With Unique Adjustable Elastic Strap, Our Halloween Costume Wig Is One Size That Fits Most Older Children (6 and Up), Women & Of Course Adult Men. Whether your dressing up with this Billionaire Wig to be an Apprentice, to go Trick Or Treating, to go to a Halloween Party or a GOP Republican Event, this Wig is for You!

Donald Trump Mask - Donald Trump Natural Latex Halloween Mask
This is a quality Donald Trump mask - Professional and Eco-friendly Latex Rubber Material Adult sized - Unisex One Size Fits All Dress up like Donald trump this Halloween, hit the campaign trail, and Make Halloween Great Again! Very Durable latex mask, with good Elasticity and Surface Tension. Exclusively from Bewild®, pair it with our "Make America Great Again" hats to complete the look this Halloween. "Don" this Donald Trump mask for Halloween, and not only will you look like a million bucks, you may just be sitting at the White House soon! Perfect Halloween costume when worn with the Bewild Brand® "Make America Great Again" baseball hat, just like the one Donald trump has worn this presidential campaign season. High Quality Donald Trump Masks for Charity events, Special occasions,Halloween, Wear Donald Trump Mask to Halloween parties and as a Donald Trump Halloween Costume. If you're looking for the perfect Halloween costume this year, look no further. Bewild® brings you this Donald Trump latex mask, that can be worn time and time again.

Mr. CEO Election Wig
The Mr. CEO Election Wig includes one comb over style wig

Donald Trump Costume Wig & Hat - Make America Great Again
Dress up like Donald Trump this Halloween, with this exclusive pairing from Bewild® This Halloween costume contains 1 "Billionaire" wig, and your choice of a "Make America Great Again" Hat, just like the one worn by The Donald Become Donald trump, and start preparing your campaign speech! One size fits all on both the hat and the wig - Available in Red, White or Camouflage hats! Exclusively from Bewild®

Show em' how you roll with a fat wad of 100s (pronounced hun-nets). Make it rain in the place with a thick stack of Phoney Money!. You ain't a playa playa until you've pulled out a wad of pimp cash. Ya heard?! Fifty fake $100 bills Orange, phoney money sleeve The words ''Play Money'' and ''Not Negotiable'' line the top and bottom Looks similar to real money at first glance. Yeah the image shows 20 dollar bills, but really you're getting 100s

Sexy Donald Trump Costume - Rumpshaker - Make America Great Again - Haloween
You'll be "Making America Great!" this Halloween in this limited edition Donna T. Rumpshaker costume featuring a white sleeveless shirt with an attached collar, an attached red tie, a royal blue faux blazer and royal blue booty shorts. ("Making America Great" Hat and Comb Over Politician Wig included.) **Ships in 1-2 weeks** FREE Bikini Panty with purchase!


For the Donald Trump Suit, remember to wear the Power suit blue, white shirt underneath and red tie. Here are some famous Donald Trump quotes to inspire you:

"Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war."

"Experience taught me a few things. One is to listen to your gut, no matter how good something sounds on paper. The second is that you're generally better off sticking with what you know. And the third is that sometimes your best investments are the ones you don't make."

"Anyone who thinks my story is anywhere near over is sadly mistaken."

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