Halloween Witch Wreaths

Witch Hat Wreath
Each wreath is created with high quality products. Made in my craft room that used to be my dining room.

Witch Wreath
Let this whimsical witch cast her spell over the little goblins that come trick or treating at your home this Halloween. She is such a fun witch and is surrounded by 10 different and fabulous Halloween ribbons, mesh, and tinsel tubing. This wreath measures approximately 28"-30" wide and approximately 36" from top to bottom of shoes. I recommend hanging in a protected area if hanging outdoors.

Halloween Crashing Witch Wreath
Halloween Crashing Witch Wreath "Fat bottomed girls make the world go round"! Well....unless you're a witch....and crash your "stick"! As we say in the South Bless her heart! There is no possible way that any picture can capture all the sparkle in this 30" Fabulous Halloween Wreath! It is approx 12" deep. It was constructed with Deluxe wide foil metallic mesh that is black, purple, and orange striped, then embellished with 6 different coordinating glittered ribbons and glittlered ball picks. The focal is the large RAZ witch butt. She is wearing orange sequined bloomers and black sparkly boots. A show stopper for sure! This wreath is so whimsical and fun for Halloween! I recommend hanging this wreath in a protected area such as a covered door or porch.

RAZ Witch Wreath
This gorgeous gal is just sitting around waiting to greet your guests and offer up some sweet surprises this Halloween. She is surrounded by all sorts of glittery textures and beautiful ribbon. The wreath is 32" in diameter (measurements are from tip to tip) and 11" deep. It is very full, lush and sparkly. The RAZ witch is absolutely beautiful and the detail is amazing. This wreath will get lots of OOOHs and AAAHs whether you choose to hang her inside or out. If you choose to hang it outdoors, please hang in a well protected area.

RAZ Witch Wreath
Who wouldn't LOVE this "Good Witch" to welcome all your Halloween guests? Young and Old will fall in love with all the sparkle she brings to your door! The wreath is very large measuring approximately 40-42" from top of hat to bottom of shoes and is approximately 26" wide from ends of ribbon to ends of ribbon. The photo just couldn't capture all the sparkle. The RAZ Witch Hat is glittered in black with orange and purple glittered adornments at brim. The broom has a lime green glittered stick with the broom in purple glitter. There is lots of glittery ribbon atop a bed of metallic mesh too. This wreath is just stunning. I recommend hanging this wreath in a protected area.

Witch Wreath with Hat & Legs
Orange & Black Witch Wreath with RAZ black & orange legs with purple sequined shoes. Includes a lacy black & orange witches hat & an original sign that I created that reads "COME IN MY PRETTIES". The sign is laminated to prevent scratches & fading from UV rays.

Halloween WITCH HAT Mesh Door Wreath
1 mesh HALLOWEEN wreath. ***Made with multi-color mesh and accented with lots of coordinating ribbons to showcase the WITCH HAT in the center. Measures approximately 24 inches. Indoor and outdoor pieces but my wreaths do appreciate a little shelter from the elements to stay in pristine condition. Thanks for looking!

Wreath with Witch Legs - ST
Add this wreath with witch legs to your front door!

Green and Black Themed Witch Hat & Legs Halloween Wreath
Cute Halloween Wall or Door Decor Fall Decorative Item Home Decor Handmade in the USA

Halloween Door Wreath Witch Black Feathered Victorian Style
Black Feathered Wreath Handcrafted Halloween Door Wreath Victorian Style Legs 27" Long x 17" Wide Cardboard Plaque in center with "Trick or Treat" printed in shimmering colors

22 in. Halloween Glitter Witch's Hat and Cat Wreath
Dimensions: 22 diam. in. Plastic construction Black, orange, and purple colors Designed for indoor use Glittery accents. With its wispy, glittery black branches and fun Halloween accents, this Gerson 22 in. Halloween Glitter Witch's Hat and Cat Wreath makes it a snap to decorate for your favorite holiday. This Halloween wreath is dotted with glittery purple, orange, and black accents.

New! Large Witch's Boot. If the Shoe Fits Sign, Handmade Deco Mesh Wreath
Deco mesh New! Full! Premium Witch's Shoe Halloween wreath Handmade Deco Mesh Large, Witch's boot with the wording "Ifthe Shoe Fits." Gorgeous Premium Ribbons Large 24 inch diameter 8 inches deep. New! Full! Premium Handmade Deco Mesh Halloween Wreath. Made of durable, shimmering burlap Deco Mesh, this wreath has Premium Halloween printed ribbons with orange burlap ribbons around the outer ring. The inner ring has glistening black and orange plaid mesh curl ribbons with beautiful black burlap ribbons. The center of the wreath has a large Witch's boot sign with the wording " If the shoe fits." Great Halloween decoration for doors, windows or walls. The size is 24 inch diameter and 8 inches deep.

Giant Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath
Halloween Wreath Hand Made Adorable green witch Halloween Ribbon. This Beautiful handmade Halloween deco mesh wreath is Orange and has an adorable green witch in the center of it. It has a giant Happy Halloween sign, and Halloween ribbon. It is approximately 30 x 30 x8 inches. It takes up lost of space on the door. It may be used indoor or outdoor and would look spooky on any door.

Flying Witch Trick or Treat Halloween Handmade Deco Mesh Wreath
New! Full! Premium Halloween Wreath Handmade Deco Mesh Gorgeous Accent Pieces Trick or Treat Wood Sign Gorgeous Premium Ribbons Adorable Ghost Ornaments Witch Flying with Broomstick by Full Moon

Witches Coffee House Stop By for a Brew Halloween Handmade Deco Mesh Wreath
New! Full! Premium Halloween Wreath Handmade Deco Mesh 24 inch diameter Witches Coffee House Stop in for a Brew Sign Boiling Caldron with Broomsticks Black with metallic purple, green and orange stripes

Halloween mesh witch wreath door swag oange and black with spiders
This unique door swag/wreath is close to three feet long and is made of orange deco mesh. It has a cute wood witch feet sign in the center that is also orange and black. There is an orange and black Halloween bow and orange and black witchs hat on top with spider webs. I have added large and small spiders to give it a little extra "spook". Please ask any questions before bidding. No international bidders please. Thanks for looking.

The witch is in halloween mesh wreath
Handmade on 12 inch wire form wire form. Beautiful halloween colored mesh. Ribbons and a sign that says the witch is in/out. Does have a small strand of battery operated lights. Small witches hat on the side.

Witch Hat Halloween Deco Mesh Wreath with Lights
Purple, white and black deco mesh witch hat wreath with purple lights. Adorned with silver pumpkins, black & purple roses, witches hat and multiple ribbons. Approximately 27 inches wide.

Halloween Mesh Witch Wreath XL
Wow! This lady is gorgeous. The pictures definitely don't do this wreath justice. This witch is dressed to the nines in her brown, black and white ruffled dress, black velvet hat, long black and silver hair, green glass eyes with real eyelashes and hand-painted features including red lips and a wart on her chin. She sits on a bed of brown mesh with orange mesh ribbon. There is glittery striped ribbon and glittery spider web bows. There is a wooden trick or treat sign, light up pumpkin and the cutest Halloween witch mouse. She is holding a pumpkin measures 26" across and 32" from the top of her hat to the bottom of her feet. This fabulous lady is ready to greet your little ghosts and goblins Halloween night!

HALLOWEEN WREATH The Witch Is IN / OUT 30" Deco Mesh
The Witch is IN / OUT Flip the star on the sign over for IN OUT display Measures approx 30" circumference

Halloween Wreath Black Witch Fall Deco Mesh Ribbon Hat Legs Door Decor
Halloween Wreath Black Witch Fall Deco Mesh Ribbon Hat Legs Door Decor Measures Approx. 24 x 12 x 4 Decorated with Black Halloween ribbon, Witches Hat and Feet Simply adorable!

Halloween Wreath 3D Flying Witch on Broom Black Orange Handmade Wreath Deco Mesh
Happy Halloween! Listed is a cool, creepy and fun witch Halloween wreath. I used awesome premium ribbon,deco mesh and hauntedfloral all in a 20" grapevine sprayed black wreath base. When hung up this witch actually looks like she is flying. Can be custom sized for smaller doors. 36:" H x 30" W x 10" D Can be hung indoors and outdoors (under an overhang) Custom requests welcome.

Halloween Wreath Witch and Warlock Black Purple Silver Handmade Wreath Crystal
Happy Halloween! Listed is a cool, creepy and fun Witch and Warlock Halloween wreath. I used awesome premium ribbon and hauntedfloral all in a 22" grapevine sprayed black wreath base. This wreath has a ton of detail and custom work. Can be custom sized for smaller doors. 24" H x 24" W x 8" D Can be hung indoors and outdoors (under an overhang)

"WELCOME ALL CREATURES" - XXL Halloween Witch Wreath Decoration
What a great way to welcome and entertain your Halloween guests and all of the trick-or-treaters!!! This fabulous design begins on an 24" grapevine base. The wreath is composed of grapevine leaves in shades of dark green and muted purple, black roses, some lightly sprinkled with silver glitter, and accented with chartreuse daisies, lime green and orange glittered corkscrews, just for extra pizzazz. A black butterfly was added, featuring a spiderweb overlay design in lime green glitter. Surrounding the wreath are iridescent black twigs interspersed with glittery orange twigs. In the background I have featured a black spider's web, complete with a black velvet spider striped in orange. An assortment of complimenting lime green and orange Halloween ornaments were added for more pops of color. The centerpiece of the design is a very striking Witch holding her broom! She has a wonderful green face and hands, blue glass eyes, with real eyelashes and hand-painted features, long kinky black hair streaked in grey. She is wearing a black puffed crepe fitted long-sleeved dress with a full skirt featuring a ruffled v-neck trimmed in orange sequins with black maribou cuffs. The skirt features an orange and black polka-dotted taffeta underskirt over a black dotted tulle slip. Her witch's hat is done in matching black puffed crepe with black maribou feather and a black sequin spider hangs from the top. A large bow of orange tulle is tied around her hat, and also around her waist. Black and orange striped tights, sheer orange ruffled anklets and black boots complete her stunning Halloween outfit!!!!

Handmade Deco Mesh Witch Halloween Wreath
Black metallic deco mesh with purple polka dot GLOW in the dark ribbon and orange and black chevron GLOW in the dark ribbon with Harlequin glitter ribbon of white, black, silver. Her broom is attached with floral wire.White deco mesh tubing for her hair under her black satin hat with purple feathers, black and silver tipped leaf and black flowers to match. The harlequin ribbon is also trim on her hat along with a black and a silver glitter spider. Her legs are set to look as though shes flying. Legs are detachable, so I can keep shipping prices down. I will mark on the back of wreath where they should be. I attach them with a zip wire. easy for storing as well and metal in the legs won't get fatigued and break. This is a large wreath and shipping will, unfortunately be costly. Wreath measures 39 inches long from tip of hat to bottom of legs, without legs it's 30 inches long, 28 wide and 10 inches deep

Tulle halloween witch wreath, black, purple, orange, lime green
This is a unique Halloween tulle wreath! I alternated two shades of orange, black, purple, and lime green to give it a different type of effect. I added a sign in the middle that says, The witch is in or flip the star over and it says, The witch is out. This is a very cute wreath for Halloween. Please ask any question before bidding and no international bidders please. Thanks for looking.

Halloween Door Hanger, Happy Halloween Witches, Deco Mesh Wreath, Orange, Black
Just imagine your door with this festive wreath, perfect for setting the mood this Halloween! During the witching hour of the candy collecting craze, your door will be THE TALK OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD with this hanging on it. • This Halloween wreath is made with three different styles of deco mesh loops in purple, lime green and black with orange, purple and green metallic thread running throughout. • The ribbons in this wreath help to make it full which also gives this wreath a lot of texture. The ribbons consist of a 3" black and white harlequin print, 2.5" orange with lime green and black glittered accents throughout, 1.5" black with orange, lime green and purple glittered chevron print and 1.5" white with orange, lime green, purple and black polka dots. I only use wired ribbon in my wreaths so that they can easily be reshaped as needed, which comes in handy on those windy fall days. • Other elements in this wreath consist of an extra large, funky witch "Happy Halloween" sign, lime green balls with hand painted and glittered purple polka dots, white sequin curly picks, a black spiderweb with a lime green spider pick, orange marabou puffs and deco tubing. • The wreath measures approximately 24" x 24" x 8". I use professional wire and glue to complete my wreaths. They are very secure and will last for years to come. Note: Keep under shelter, out of weather and direct sunlight to keep from fading and weathering.

The SOCIETY of BLACK HATS - XXL Primitive Halloween Wreath Decoration
This unusual XXL primitive design begins on an 18" grapevine base, measuring 22" wide by 36" long (from the top of the hat to the tip of the boot), and 8" deep, with some sprays extending further.

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