Cowboy Costumes for Boys

Cowboy Duster Jacket Child Costume
This town's not big enough for the both of us. The Old West was full of rough and tumble characters, and this Cowboy Duster Jacket Child Costume will let your child enter the territory of the Wild West to join them. With this costume, your little one can don the distinctive beige clothing of the bravest men on the pioneer and be ready for anything that comes his way -- whether that's herding cattle or entering a stand off with most low-down bandits of the west. The Cowboy Duster Jacket Child Costume is a long, mid-calf length coat with fringe trim that is sure to separate your child from the lesser men of the west. Includes: Duster. Does not include cowboy costume, badge, jeans, shirt, or any other accessories. The Old West lets your child become the rootinest, tootinest, shootinest guy on the block this Halloween. With the Cowboy Duster Jacket Child Costume, your little one can become the fastest gunslinger in the West -- and the one with the coolest kicks. All of his friends will be jealous of how he strides up the street, daring the bad guys to make a move!

Rawhide Renegade Child Costume
Giddy on up, partner! It's high noon in the Wild West, and a stranger has just arrived in town. Everyone watches with apprehension as he dismounts his horse and walks slowly towards the saloon. He swings open the doors, silhouetted by the harsh afternoon light, and draws his pistol. "Reach for the sky," he says. Everyone in the building lets out a gasp. Is it Jesse James, come to rob them? No! It's the Rawhide Renegade to save the day! The outfit features a long duster that keeps the sun and sand away while your child is riding through the desert. A faux-suede vest with star buttons adds an Old West flair, and to let the bad guys know that your little rebel means business, the brown belt is complete with a silver buckle and bullets. The red bandana can be worn around the neck or pulled over the face to conceal the renegade's identity as he's delivering justice. Includes: Jacket, vest, belt, bandana, and hat. Does not include: Shirt, pants, or boots. There's a new Sheriff in town! The Rawhide Renegade Child Costume is perfect for galloping after highwaymen or taking part in high-noon showdowns. For costume parties or Halloween, your child will be the coolest cowboy in this Rawhide Renegade Child's Costume.

Deluxe Cowboy Costume Kit
The jig is up: this little doggie is ready for the rodeo Whether the sun is setting over the range or the city, any cowboy costume would benefit from this Deluxe Cowboy Costume Kit. Take a Halloween or dress-up costume to the next level with a range of accessories that add a touch of realism to your little dude or dudette's outfit. Includes: The Deluxe Cowboy Costume Kit includes one cowboy hat, bandanna, vest, chaps with belt, badge, handcuffs, holster, gun, map, and spurs. Does not include: Shirt, pants, or boots. Material: 100% Polyester, exclusive of trims or decorations (Accessories, 100% PP Plastic). Play your way, partner A little cowhand will certainly enjoy using these accessories as he or she plays pretend with friends or dresses up for a costume party at school. Adding the hat, bandanna, vest and chaps to a standard cowboy outfit will help your little one feel more authentic, while she can play her way using the handcuffs, gun, holster and spurs. Teach him or her how to read the map to find the buried treasure, and be sure he knows how to flash his badge when wrestling the bad guys. Scenarios to try Start with the typical cowboy vs. bad guy scenario and have your little partner arrest the perp and throw him in the cell at the sheriff's office. You could then head off on a quest for that hidden treasure they've been talkin' about at the local saloon, and end the day with a campfire on the range -- or in your backyard. This costume is great for Halloween, birthday parties, and beyond!

Your kid may not be familiar with the wide open spaces of a farm or ranch. He might not consider where his food comes from before it arrives at the grocery store or know what it's like to walk barefoot through a field. But he can have a true wild west experience with this child cowboy costume. It features all of the essential pieces needed to achieve a genuine cowboy look. It could be a first step toward getting him curious in life outside the city! 100% polyester Long brown jacket remains open in front Brown fabric chaps have fringe down the sides of each leg Faux suede vest buttons in the front Hat, bandana, belt and buckle are all included

"Mosey on lil' doggie cause this town ain't big enough for the two of us!" This Kids Sheriff Costume will turn you into the baddest sheriff in town, no bandit will want to mess with you! This complete costume even comes with the hat; just pick up some brown cowboy boots to complete the costume. 100% cotton brown full-length jacket Leather-looing collar & removable sheriff badge Grey vest worn over jacket and uses Velcro to close Brown cowboy hat w/ strings also included

Cowboys originally wore chaps as a protective garment while riding a horse through brushy terrain. While your little six-shooter may not be roping cattle, he will feel just like a real cowboy in this Kids Rawhide Cowboy Costume. Plus, you won't have to shell out extra money for a horse! 100% polyester Vest has faux suede fringe and star-shaped studs below the shoulders Vest laces up the front with a brown tie Chaps fasten at the front with Velcro Chaps also have fringe across the hips and ankles

Saddle up! Get your little buckaroo ready to tackle the wild west with this cowboy costume. He might need to wrangle some horses to complete his task, but with this authentic look, it'll be a breeze. Whether he's looking to start a posse, or heading out solo he's going to have a great time as a classic cowboy with this costume! 100% polyester faux suede, gingham & felt fabrics Faux suede vest has gingham yoke panels Faux suede chaps have elastic back waistband, Velcro leg straps Red neckerchief fastens with Velcro Felt hat has badge pinned to front; second badge pins to vest

There come a time, when good man must wear mask. When that time comes, dress your son in this Child Wild West Avenger Costume. Pair it with his own jeans or dark pants, and add cowboy boots & hat and a toy six-shooter. Then he'll be ready to ride Silver off into the sunset! 100% polyester twill, poplin & broadcloth fabrics Black twill jacket has 3 functional buttons at center front & a false pocket flap over each hip Dusty blue poplin vest front has gray broadcloth shirt collar inset Collar fastens w/ Velcro at back of neck, vest front has self-fabric waist ties. Triangular red broadcloth neckerchief Stiffened canvas black eye mask has elastic band for security Silver-tone metal pin badge is a 5-pointed star inside an open circle

Is your child one bad hombre? Does he engage in banditry? Are his favorite accessories a sombrero and a six-shooter? Maybe it's time you admitted that your child is one hardcore little dude who deserves the type of outfit that brings him the Wild West action that he needs. 100% polyester Multi-color poncho Adjustable Velcro strap in back

Boy's Jake Lonergan Costume
Get ready for any space-age showdown! Costume includes: Cowboy shirt with attached vest, pants with printed chaps, must-have Western hat and arm gauntlet.

You'll be the baddest outlaw in all the West in the Renegade Cowboy Child Costume. Features dark, long jacket, brown vest, traditional black cowboy hat and a rebel-worthy red bandana. Everyone will live in fear that they messed with this renegade. Renegade Cowboy Child Costume includes: Jacket Vest Hat Handkerchief Belt Shoes and jeans not included Materials: 100% Polyester Wash/Care Instructions- HAND WASH/LINE DRY

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