Halloween Witches Party Wall Decorations

4-Pack Halloween Cutouts, 6-1/2-Inch to 10-1/2-Inch - Halloween Cutouts (4 Count). These vintage cutouts are six and a half Inch through ten and a half Inch and come four to a pack. They are so much fun and very detailed in design. There is a half moon and stars, a witch and a witches face and also a fun jack-o-lantern. These cutouts would be a great addition for a fun filled Halloween.

Classic Witch Peel 'N Place for Halloween Party, 12-Inch by 17-Inch - Classic Witch Peel 'N Place. This title says it all when it says classic. This art is so vintage it is sure to bring back the old school charm. These clings are fun for all ages and would look amazing no matter where you stick them.

Jointed Witch Party Accessory - Jointed Witch measures a whopping 6 feet tall. The Jointed Witch is made of printed board stock material and is joined at her shoulders, elbows and waist with brass eyelets which makes her multi-position able. The Jointed Witch comes fully assembled.

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