Halloween Gummy Candy

Frankford Gummy Body Parts Candy 65 Pieces Halloween Individually Wrapped - Contains 65 pieces (body parts). 5 Different Gruesome Body Parts Individually Wrapped.

Realistic Gummy Bugs - Candy & Goodies - 454G - Add these critters to your menu! Mixed fruit flavor. Fat-free. Individually wrapped. Approximately 46 pieces per one-pound bag. Exclusive. Details: Halloween, Bugs & Butterflies

Bloody Bites Oozing Candy Blood Bags with Glow in the Dark Fangs Watermellon Flavor - 1 Bag of 8 Packs - Perfect for a kid's Halloween Party... also fun at a birthday party. 1 Bag includes 8 packs of Glow in the Dark Fangs with Watermelon flavored Oozing Blood Bag candy

Gummy Brains Candy - Gummy Brains are soft and chewy candy shaped to resemble brains. Made with a fruity firm jelly center with an outer layer containing a delicious layer of soft strawberry flavored brain matter. Gummy Brains are unwrapped and arrive 2.0 Lb cello bag. Perfect For Party Bags, Gifts, Hostess Table or to Simply Enjoy!

Gummy Fang Teeth Candy - Bulk Gummy Fang Teeth Candy are unwrapped, soft, chewy gummy candy shaped teeth with fangs. Have loads of fun while enjoying these candies. Perfect for Parties, Candy Favors, Gifts, or to Enjoy! Approximately 136 Pieces Per 2 Lbs. Arrives Cello Bag. Imported.

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