Bats Light Displays

5 HOLOGRAPHIC BAT LIGHTS Indoor/Outdoor Halloween Decoration - BRAND NEW in the Store Display Box...GIFT QUALITY...5 HOLOGRAPHIC BAT LIGHTS...Lighted Length 6 Feet Long...7 Feet Long String...Each Bat Measures 10 1/2 Inches Wide...Bats Lights are 18" Apart...Indoor/Outdoor Use...If One Bulb goes Out the Others Stay Lit -- String End to End...Great Fun!

Halloween Animated Flying Bat Fall Autumn Large Outdoor Yard Wireframe Handmade Decoration Holiday Lighting
Handmade "Flying Bat" would make a perfect addition to your home or business. Made from durable 1/4" steel and finished in a high quality white paint to stand up to the outdoor elements. Decoration features an animation control box that gives the resemblance of a bat's wings in flight. Would be great as a Halloween decoration, for haunted house parties or just trick or treating fun! Approx. dimensions are 27"H x 47"W, this decoration is designed to be hung. I only use high quality LEDs on my decorations to provide a long lasting product with very low maintenance.

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