Mad Scientist Costumes for Men

Mad Scientist Costumes for Men
Mad Scientist Costume for Men - Interested in a career in science? Why not give mad scientist a try! You get to be your own boss, work your own hours and select only the projects that YOU want to work on. From human-like abominations, to evil doomsday devices, the sky is the limit on what kind of projects you can complete! The only real requirement for becoming one is a white lab coat, reckless abandon and perhaps the laugh that bespeaks your insanity. This costume should get you started down that road, no problem. 100% polyester Fits with Velcro along the front Black decorative buttons along front
Mad Scientist Costumes
Mad Scientist Costumes - Beaker - Being a lab assistant is hard work. You never know when you're next going to be blown up, shot from a cannon, made to glow in the dark, or shrank to a tiny size. These are just a few of the things that may happen daily to Beaker as he helps out Dr. Bunsen Honeydew. Ever since he first showed up in 1977 this orange haired Muppet has made both kids and adults laugh with great delight as get tests out the latest experiments from Muppet Labs. Now you can do your best impression in this silly costume! 100% polyester White lab coat with attached black and white shirt and black tie Black and white shirt cuffs on the sleeves Velcro opening in the back Peach colored Muppet gloves Beaker face mask with bright orange hair Mask has an elastic strap on the back
Mad Scientist Costumes for Men
Mad Scientist Costume He's going to need a monkey wrench, 12 rabbits, and a bag of flour for his next experiment and don't ask why! Now you can think up the most eccentric experiments and inventions and carry them out all while you look the part! You can use this as an insane Einstein costume! Now hand me the smoking beaker before it blows up! Long white lab coat w/ black collar and buttons Buckles on the cuff of each sleeve 2 pockets at waist & 1 pocket on the chest Black glasses w/ white lenses w/ black swirls Also included, fuzzy white wig

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