Jack Skellington Costume Ideas for Women

Jack Skellington DIY Costume

This is my idea of a Victorian Goth Female Jack Skellington. He has a very slender look and I think the Victorian coat is very form-fitting and cut in a way where it slims at the waist.

Jack the Pumpkin King Outfit - When I saw this blazer, I knew it would be perfect for a Jack Skellington. It has that wicked royalty and a militant appearance that makes him the triumphant pumpkin king. It's also a bit pompous, which I think fit the character.

Shoulder Feathers - I couldn't find a bow to match the look but these feathers worked out nicely. Feathers are used in a lot of Victorian Steam punk wear, so I decided to mesh the two styles.

High Heel Boots - These black boots are fierce. The bondage straps that hug the boot gave them an artistic dark style. The high heel elongates as well.

White Vintage Victorian Top - A victorian top is very vampire-style to me and I was a little worried in choosing this top, but I think it fits the character well.

White Gloves - These white gloves are sick. I had to include them in the Jack Skellington Costume Idea.

Pumpkin Earrings - The pumpkin king has to have her pumpkins near her.

Jack Skellington Dress - Jack Skeleton Face All Over Pattern on Summer/Skater Mini Dress
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