Halloween Ice Trays

Beistle Beistle Skull and Bones Ice Mold, Gray - Skull and Bones Ice Mold. This mold makes 5 ice skulls and 4 ice bones. It is made of plastic and dishwasher safe. Great to put into any type of drink!. This item is a great value! 1 per package Halloween party item Novelty - Drink ware for festive occasions High Quality

MR. BONES Skeleton Ice Tray, Black - Bury him 6 inches in your cocktail, or beverage and let him get it so cold its scary Jiggle him in your drink and feel the temperature drop all the way down to perfect Included silicone "spine" allows him to perform a delightfully macabre dance in your glass Put the silicone bones in the mold, fill with water and freeze; once frozen wiggle him right out of the mold

BRAIN FREEZE Ice Tray - Give party guests something to giggle about with brain-shaped ice cubes chilling the cocktails Crafted from strong, durable silicone, the tray makes up to 4 cubes at a time Great for Halloween gatherings, kids' birthday parties, gag-gift sessions, and more Frozen fruit juice can make different-colored brains for a fun variation Cleaning is a snap since the tray is dishwasher safe

ICE SCREAMS Terrifying Ice Tray - Fred & Friends Ice Screams ice cube tray is inspired by the famous impressionist painting by Edvard Munch, The Scream. Each ice cube is the classic rendering of the primal scream face. Extremely funny and also, obviously, functional. Made from dishwasher safe silicone in a wonderful and eye grabbing red color.

Cold Blooded Vampire Ice Tray - Create vampire-themed, fang-shaped ice cubes for Halloween Perfect for adding to your Bloody Mary while watching True Blood or Twilight Molded from super-strong, pure silicone Coffin-shaped mold with 5 fangs Dishwasher safe

BOO CUBES Ghastly Ice Tray, Grey - Can you feel it? That sudden chill from the beyond? Fill the silicone Boo Cubes tray with water, freeze, and release the spirits. Comes in clear, recyclable, PET-G packaging.

Zombie Hand Ice Mould - Made from silicone Measures 14 x 8 cm Cleverly designed to stay level in your freezer Makes Extra-Large ice cubes There varieties to collect - shark, zombie and crocodile Makes Extra-Large ice cubes! There varieties to collect - shark, zombie and crocodile!A giant Zombie Hand shaped ice sculpture for drinks, made from silicone and cleverly designed to remain level in your fridge during freezing! The zombies have come back from the dead and they're coming for you in your drink! do you dare take another sip? The 3D Zombie hand Ice Mould is a perfect gift or fun bit of entertainment for the kids at a party (big and small!). Available in 3 designs: Crocodile Shark Zombie Hand

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