Halloween Hanging Outdoor Decorations

Large Halloween Outdoor Fabric Hanging Waterproof Decorations - Fabulous waterproof Fabric decoration which can be used inside or outside

Halloween Lawn Decorations Corrugated Plastic Ghosts in Graveyard Set- This Halloween yard decoration "Ghosts in the Graveyard" is cut from our white corrugated plastic. Tombstones and Ghosts are printed with our state of the art full color printer. Set includes: 30" x 20" Tombstones (3), 42" x 33" Scary Ghost (1), 32" x 26" Happy Ghost (1), and 41" x 35" Laughing Ghost (1). Each ghost has 2 holes for hanging. (Hanging material NOT included). Each tombstone comes with 2 wire stakes with a total of 12 stakes in set.

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