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A great theme for your Halloween decorating and yard displays is a Cute Ghost Halloween theme. There are many ways you can decorate with cute ghosts. Cute ghosts are mischievous and like to hide in the oddest places. The cute ghost theme is great when you have to decorate for babies and toddlers. The key is to choose decor that have happy or silly faces, not scary faces. If you have a big yard space, you can set up cute ghost inflatables to grab attention and to get the little visitors interested in stopping by to celebrate!

Ghosts as a theme is an adorable idea, and there are many ways you can use your creativity to decorate your home... from scratch! Here are some creative ways to make your own Ghost Decor.

Great fun and eye pleasing Ghost Decor for your home or workplace!

Flouncy Ghosts - I really like the flounce and texture was created at the bottom of the ghosts done with layers of white tissue paper. The use of the black Burlap used to tie the necks and the black buttons made this design simple and cute.

Ghost Garland CreationThis is a unique and adorable ghost garland creation idea. This DIY is a step-by-step photo tutorial.

Yarn Ghost Garlands with Free Printable Speech Bubbles  - What a great idea and it's easy to make! You can decorate your office or your cubicle with such a smart decoration.

DIY Ghost Topiary This doesn't give a video or photo tutorial, but I think the instructions are descriptive enough to follow. What do you think?


Ghost Wreath Video Tutorial - This wreath is full of fun texture! It's such a dramatic, wonderful piece.

Ghost Lollipop Wreath Tutorial - This is a great wreath to do for little cost. It can be given as a gift or used as a decoration!

Making something Extraordinary out of the Ordinary!

Here are some fun Ghost Hack tutorials. Some of these made me think, "I can't believe I never thought of that! That's awesome!" So have fun with these tutorials.

How to Make Ghost Leaves - How cool to paint leaves as Ghosts. Great idea! What would you do with them after you paint them? Hmm..

Painted GourdsI've heard about painting pumpkins as ghosts, but not Guords! Great idea, please visit the tutorial.

Paper Cup Halloween Ghost Lanterns - This is a quick mini explanation of how these lanterns were made.

Painted Peanut Shells - This was a big aha moment for me. Peanuts do tend to have that natural ghost shape, don't they?

Halloween Ghost Leaf Bags - This is a great way to get the kids to rake the leaves if that's their chore. This is a very fun and practical ghost decoration.

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