Baby Monkey Costumes

Baby Monkey Costumes
Baby Banana Peel Monkey - If your little one loves to monkey around then they'll love becoming this loveable primate. Once in this suit your tiny tot will more than likely start to pretend that they're swinging around the jungle causing mischief with the other jungle animals. What could this monkey get up to? Pulling a tiger's tail, teasing the gorillas with bananas, or even giving the lion's mane a haircut. The jungle will be a wild place when your child becomes this fun loving monkey! 100% polyester Tailed monkey suit Velcro on the back of the neck and on the inside legs Non-skid soles Monkey headpiece Velcros under the chin Banana peel on top
Baby Monkey Costumes
LIL MONKEY COSTUME - Ack, ack, eek, eek! Is your little one a bit silly? Does he love bananas? I think you've got a little primate on your hands. Transform your baby into the cutest monkey ever with this adorable Lil Monkey Costume. 100% polyester Zips & snaps in the back Snap buttons along leg inseam Tail attached to back Booties have grips on bottom Hood w/ attached ears snaps in back
Baby Monkey Costumes
Mischievous Monkey - Looks like it's time to do something monkeying around! Just look at that cheeky smile! This Mischievous Monkey costume is perfect for your playful boy. Your son will love playing Halloween tricks in this adorable brown outfit. Watch his face light up as he scampers from house to house in search of his favorite treats. Where is he off to now? Soft, cozy style is perfect for trick-or-treating escapades. This monkey costume features a relaxed-fit brown bodysuit and smooth beige tummy. Snap closures on the bottom of the bodysuit are a handy way to keep him clean and happy. What cute feet he has! The connected boots enclose his feet in monkey-style digits. Paw prints on the soles are textured for spill-free fun. A hood is just what he needs! The soft monkey face has small beady eyes and a black nose. Play time is about to begin. The strip of dark brown faux fur on top gives him a stylish monkey hairdo. Big floppy brown ears finish his monkey transformation. Includes: bodysuit and hood.
Baby Monkey Costumes
LIL MONKEY COSTUME - Everyone will go bananas for your little one this Halloween! If any costume reveals your little one's true nature, it's the Mischievous Monkey Infant/Toddler Costume. Just like his animal counterpart, your baby ape gets into everything on the jungle floor and up in the trees -- or the kitchen cabinets, toy bin, and anything in reach. Get a shot of your tot through the bars of his playpen, and he'll look like he's smiling from a zoo. Or enjoy the hilarity that ensues when you give him a banana to play with. This costume features a brown furry body and stuffed yellow belly, which end just above the waistline, leaving your little one's legs free to wiggle. The costume is suitably stuffed with soft goodness to make your beginning ape that much cuddlier. A matching hood is trimmed in the lighter color and features two round detailed ears, suitable for squeezing. Completing the ensemble is a curled, short brown tail that's high enough in the back so your cutie doesn't sit on it. Includes: body, hood.
Baby Monkey Costumes
Underwraps Baby's Monkey, Brown, MediumBaby Monkey Costumes - This adorable ensemble features a plush jumpsuit with attached feet and hood.
Baby Monkey Costumes
Curious George Costume, Monkey - Dress up your own little Curious George in this adorable costume. Warm romper with inner leg snap closure, footed will nonskid soles.
Baby Monkey Costumes
Baby's Monkey Belly-Babies, Brown/TanBaby Monkey Costumes - NO monkeying around. Your little one will love this soft swirl fur body with attached tail and fully detailed hood and matching show covers with soft fabric claws
Baby Monkey Costumes
Cute Infant Baby Monkey Halloween CostumeBaby Monkey Costumes - Our baby monkey outfit is always a favorite for parents year after year. This unique baby costume is not only cute, but it is also very comfortable and easy to wear. For a great addition add a banana to enhance your child's costume.

Plush Monkey Newborn / Infant Costume
Monkey see, monkey do! When you fit your baby into the Plush Monkey Newborn / Infant Costume, you'll want to swing together from branch to branch! Whether for Halloween, parties or dressing up at playtime, this velvety soft bodysuit with matching hood and booties is ideal for comfortably monkey-ing around. You'll go bananas when you see your little one dressed in their snuggly best. Let your baby channel their inner Curious George as they crawl and toddle in the wildest costume around. Be careful and make sure your little monkey isn't jumping off any beds! You'll love to cuddle your little monkey in this costume! Made of sumptuous brown microfiber fabric, this will feel as plush against your baby's delicate skin as it will on yours. Your baby will be head-to-toe primate perfection with a matching drawstring hood and booties. Adorable monkey ears for hearing mommy and daddy and a tail for swinging around the play yard complete this jungle ensemble. The bodysuit has a convenient snap opening to make diaper changes a breeze. Includes: Bodysuit, Booties, Hood.

Bundle up your little baby in this cute bunting! Sock monkeys are adorable. Period. I didn't think they could get more adorable, but I thought wrong. Now you can make sock monkeys even cuter by placing your infant in this Sock Monkey Newborn Bunting. It is perfect for babies 0-3 months. 100% polyester warm knit brown bunting w/ attached tail cap has monkey face, red pom pom, & ears

Gorilla Deluxe Toddler Costume
Your tiny King Kong is about to run wild! Cheeky little monkeys will go ape for this Gorilla Deluxe Toddler Costume. It's a perfect dress-up outfit for smallies who love watching movies about animals like The Jungle Book or Tarzan. Or maybe they've been to the zoo and fallen in love with the powerful primates they've seen there? As fierce looking as it is sweet, this baby gorilla suit is ideal for tiny tots who are wild at heart. The outfit consists of a black furry plush onesie with a fake chest that's stuffed to look muscular from all that tree climbing. There are matching black paw booties and a furry hood in the distinctive dome shape. Making a mess with his banana? No problem, the costume can be spot cleaned. Includes: onesie, booties, hood. While they may have a reputation for being aggressive, gorillas are actually peaceful creatures. Swinging powerfully through the African forest, they're concerned only with protecting their young from predators. They're considered highly intelligent, and have been seen using basic tools to collect food. Skip the monkey business and go right for the gorilla greatness!

Sock Monkey Infant Costume
Your little one will go bananas for this Sock Monkey Infant Costume. Oooh oooh! Aaaah aaaah! You want a costume that reflects your little one's personality: a little bit sneaky, a little bit curious, and swinging from anything he or she can. So, hightail it to the party once you zip up your child in this Sock Monkey Infant Costume, but keep an eye on him or her -- your little monkey just might end up in the trees! Perhaps your child enjoys jumping on the bed (with four other monkeys) or maybe he/she just wants to spend his/her time swinging through the jungle (aka your living room). In any case, what better costume is there for your perfect primate? With a complete bodysuit, your little monkey will be convincing when he or she is climbing through the jungle or playing make believe with other pint-sized primates. The detachable tail, adorable headpiece, and furry little booties complete the ensemble. You better be careful and watch yourself, because "monkey see, monkey do." Includes: Bodysuit/pant, boot covers, detachable tail/headpiece. Does not include socks.

Tom Arma Monkey Baby Costume
This cheeky little monkey continues to be the talk of the town. No monkey business here, this costume comes complete with a matching toy, your child's new best buddy. Heirloom Quality Costume. Fully lined in tan baby soft fleece. Includes: Character headpiece with front Velcro closure, detailed piping around the face opening and fabulous embroidered ears padded and lined in salmon pink. Character bodysuit with back snap closure, in exclusively woven brown fabric, salmon colored cuff accent and attached tail. Character booties, fun feet with salmon colored toes with embroidered details. To keep your booties in picture perfect condition, Tom recommends that booties should be used for indoor use only or on sitting little ones in strollers. Also includes Monkey toy. Care instructions: Hand wash cold, line dry, do not bleach.Costume details may vary from photograph.

Monkey in a Banana Baby Bunting Costume 6-12 months with Bracelet for Mom
It will be all monkey business when your little primate goes ape in our Monkey in a Banana Baby Bunting Costume. Friends will go bananas over newborn infant boys and girls during dress-up play! Our baby Monkey in Banana Costume includes a plush banana-shaped bunting with swirl fur torso and an attached character hood. Your little bundle of joy will be swinging from your arms rather than the vines of the animal kingdom for plenty of smiles in our Monkey in a Banana Bunting Costume for babies. 6-12 months with Bracelet for Mom

Baby Monkey Costume- Homespun Suede (0-6 Months)
This Baby Monkey Costume features homespun suede, tranforming your child into the cutest little monkey ever! The costume includes a matching hood. Size (0-6 months). Available in brown only. Note: Costume details may differ from photograph.SIZEFITS0-6 months, 20-25in, 7-15 lbs.

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