Monster High Twyla Costumes for Girls

Who is Twyla? - Twyla is the daughter of the Boogey Man.

Twyla's Personality -  She is shy, which gives her the habit of sitting back and quietly observing everything around her.

Twyla's Appearance - Twyla has a light purple-bluish skin with silver hands. She has Silver-colored patterns, invoking dust, swirl up from her ankles to the middle of her lower legs. Her hair is pastel green with blue and purple stripes which reaches to her hips, and her eyes are purple-pink yet glow green in the dark.

Twyla's Fashion - Her clothes are picked to show her off as a little lady. Her fashion colors are pastel green, dark blue, and black. The themes incorporated in her killer style are dust, locks and keys, bugs and dreamcatchers.
Monster High Twyla Costumes
Monster High Twyla Costumes for Girls
Monster High Twyla Costume, MediumMonster High Twyla Costumes for Girls - Monster High: Where screams come true. Costume dress and matching tights.
Monster High Twyla Costumes
Twyla Wig
Monster High Twyla WigMonster High Twyla Costumes - Perfect accessory for your Monster High costume. Long teal wig with purple highlights

Twyla's Best Friends - Howleen Wolf and Spectra Vondergeist

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