Monster High Operetta Costume for Girls

Who is Operetta? - Operetta is the daughter of the Phantom of the Opera.

Operetta's Personality - She loves music and is a very talented singer, a guitarist and plays the organ also. Operetta has a rebellious side to her personality.

Operetta's Appearance -  Operetta has light purple skin and bright red hair that is styled in a 50's inspired Victory Rolls do. She wears flashy makeup, a music-related arm tattoo, and a similarly music themed scar on her face which she covers with a spiderweb patterned, heart/musical note shaped eye mask. Her eyebrows are purple and her eyes are blue-grey. She also has a black beauty mark under the left side of her lips.

Operetta's Fashion - Operetta wears a purple sleeveless blouse underneath her jacket. The short white jacket has poof sleeves and a spider web pattern near her shoulders. She also wears jean capris rolled up to just below her knees and a black and white belt. She wears black and white converse inspired shoes with a spider web pattern and treble clef shaped heels. Her bracelet has a keyboard pattern which she wears on her right hand and a black dice ring on her left hand. She also wears black and white dice earrings. She carries a red guitar that is shaped like a coffin.
Monster High Operetta Costume
Monster High Operetta Costume
Monster High Operetta Costume - Comes with eye mask, belt, pants and shirt with attached jacket
Monster High Operetta Costume
Operetta Wig
Monster High Operetta Child Wig Halloween CostumeMonster High Operetta Costume - Monster High Operetta Child Wig : Red wig for the character in the popular Monster High series. One size fits most children. A wig cap is a recommended pairing as it can control hair under wigs (especially longer hair)or spirit gum adhesive can be used to secure the wig to your head and remover used to easily remove the gum adhesive.
Monster High Operetta Costume
Dice Earrings
Dice Earrings Operetta dice earrings - Silver Plated Pendant is Approximately .5 inches in Width and 1 Inch in Height Hypo-Allergenic, Lead Compliant in all 50 States, and Silver Plated Silver Plated Dice/Die Charm Adorned With Stunning Black Crystals Perfect For A Good Luck Charm For Anyone! Made in the United States of America

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Operetta's Closest Friends -  Holt Hyde and Deuce Gordon.

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