Monster High Cleo De Nile Costumes for Girls

Cleo de Nile expects the royal treatment wherever she goes! She can be selfish, arrogant and spoiled and she's very competitive with other ghouls. However, she is also a good friend and is thoughtful when it comes to them. Cleo De Nile has black hair with gold highlights. She has tan skin and blue eyes, which she likes to surround with thick black winged eye-liner. She wears a blue gem on her right cheek. She always wears burial wrap in one way or another. Whatever looks fashionable for the moment!
Monster High Cleo De Nile Costumes
Monster High Cleo De Nile Costumes
Monster High Cleo de Nile Costume - Cleo de Nile is Monster High's favorite mummy. Shirt with attached over shirt, pants, belt, armband and glovelet. Child Reserved.
Monster High Cleo De Nile Costumes
Monster High Cleo De Nile Costumes
Monster High Fright Camera Action Cleo de Nile Costume, Child Medium - Cleo de Nile costume from the Monster High Movie: Frights, Camera, Action! Costume dress and belt Monster High costumes and accessories from Rubies are officially licensed by Mattel
Monster High Cleo De Nile Wig
Cleo de Nile Costume Wig - One Size fits Most! Adorable wig
Monster High Cleo De Nile Costumes
Monster High Cleo De Nile Wig
Monster High Cleo de Nile Girls Wig - You can't rule the school, or Fearleading Squad, with just any old look. Spend more time worrying about your outfit and less time fixing up your hair with this Cleo de Nile Wig. And yes, your followers are sure to love it! Pair these shimmering locks with a wig cap. The monster high cleo de nile wig is a great look for your little girl this black wig comes with attached headband with blue faux jewels

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