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Jeepers Creepers! Can you believe your peepers? These awesome halloween costumes will have you doing a double-take! Find an Illusion Costume perfect for your next dress-up event. Caution: you may have to look twice!
Illusion Costumes
Ollie Ostrich Illusion Costume
Ollie Ostrich Illusion Costume AdultIllusion Costumes - Costume includes: Inflatable ostrich costume with rider legs attached and with matching hat. Just slip it on and the illusion is complete. Battery operated self contained blower operates on 4 AA batteries not included.
Illusion Costumes
Gorilla and Cage Illusion Costumes
"Get Me Outta This Cage" Gorilla and Cage Costume Kit, Black/Bamboo, One Size - This illusion costume is perfect for your list of awesome halloween costumes. It makes you re-think our place in the food chain, doesn't it? Who let the human out of the cage? See how it feels to be caged up, or at least give the appearance that you are, with this ensemble that includes a plush Gorilla suit, bamboo cage and supports. This fun, optical illusion shows a Gorilla carrying YOU in a cage. Put your feet inside the Gorilla suit and your head, arms and torso show up confined in the cage. Onlookers will be both amazed and amused. A great idea for Halloween or a carnival or circus event, it looks like this great ape is far more intelligent than you imagined. Hopefully you won't have to live on a diet of bananas while you're stuck in there. Order this fun whimsical costume today! This adult costume holds a single person apparently trapped in a bamboo cage and being carried by a full-sized smiling gorilla. Hilarious. This costume will stop traffic. You will be the hit of the party, parade or festival. Caution not for the shy.
illusion costumes
Bull Rider Illusion Costume
Bull Rider Costume Adultillusion costumes - The most unique, illusion style costumes in years! Simply pull on the costume, turn it on and watch the laughs begin. Your body makes up the upper half of the costume while your lower body makes up the bottom, walking part of the costume
illusion costumes
Monkey Illusion Costume
Piggy Back Monkey - One Size - Are You Feeling A Little Mischievous And Feel Like Its Time To Monkey Around?!!? Then This Monkey Costume Will Be Right Up Your Street.
Illusion Costumes
Headless Man Costume
Headless Man Adult Costumeillusion costumes - Um, hopefully, your head can be reattached...? This Adult Headless Man Costume is a scary costume that will have you looking like you just rode out of Sleepy Hollow. Become a headless henchman hellbent on revenge, not to mention, a quest to reattach your head!
illusion costumes
But Mommy Illusion Costume
But Mommy, I Don't Want To Grow Up Adult Costumeillusion costumes - It takes a master of trickery to perfect the illusion costume affect. Awesome Halloween Costumes features a Poor old Lady carrying a Big Baby on her back, or so it seems! This costume is a clever illusion using inflatable lower body for the baby and inflatable upper body and head for the old woman. The fabric is 100% machine washable polyester and all One piece. In addition you receive the Old Lady Plastic Mask, Baby Bonnet and Scarf. You might get some attention because you're taking advantage of the old lady, making her carry you on her back!
illusion costumes
Rodeo Clown Costume
Men's Rodeo Clown Costume, Multi-Colored, One Size - Rodeo Clown Costume includes hat, three bandanas, and shirt with attached striped sleeves^Includes rainbow suspenders, pants, and boot tops^One size fits most teens and adults^Bull's eye with bull on the behind
illusion costumes
Man Eating Shark Costume
Man-Eating Shark Costume, Gray, One Sizeillusion costumes This clever one-piece costume includes a shark body and fake legs coming out of the mouth.
awesome halloween costumes
Awesome Halloween Costumes
Inflatable Riding Gorilla Funny Halloween Costume One Size Fits Mostawesome halloween costumes - Hitch a ride on this mad gorilla! This gorilla has a mind of its own! Inflatable headcover costume riding gorilla self inflates, fits most adults 5' to 6' tall. Includes costume with hat, battery pack and fan.
illusion costume
Ostrich Illusion Costume
Men's Riding An Ostrich Plush Mascot Costume, Multi Colored, One Sizeawesome halloween costumes - Illusion Costume includes plush jumpsuit with stuffed legs hanging off to the side, meant to give the appearance of a man riding an ostrich Attached boot covers are held onto your shoes with elastic Elastic straps hold jumpsuit on; ribbon reins hold ostrich head up Standard size fits a slim to average body, up to a size 42 chest Using a mascot to promote your business, team, or event is a smart and innovative way to get noticed
illusion costume
Magic Bunny Costume
Adult Magic Hat Rabbit (Standard) - The magic hat rabbit costume includes a hood with ears, bunny body suit with attached feet and bow tie, and over sized top hat with attached suspenders. Available in adult size Standard. Carrot not included.
illusion costume
Head Roll Illusion Costume
Falling Head Illusion Costume - ST - Freak out all of your friends when you suddenly lose your head! This Falling Head Illusion costume will make it appear as though your head has fallen off of your shoulders. How will people react? Will they offer to bring you to the hospital to have it reattached? Can that be done? The only thing better than seeing their reaction to your head falling, will be when you carry on your conversation with them as if it's no big deal.

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