10 Halloween Costume Ideas for a Sexy Villain

You're bad to the bone and you want everyone to know it. Show off your mean streak with these 50 Halloween Costume Ideas for a sexy villain -- you know who you are. These Halloween Costume Ideas will suit your personality and reflect the naughty side of you. The sexy villain costumes in this post are so mean, these villains reek havoc in the lives of their nemesis (which is the hero of the story) and innocent people. Some of these sexy villain costumes characters would curse a baby, skin a puppy and some will turn people into polyps if a contract is broken. Read on to get Your 10 Halloween Costume Ideas for a Sexy Villain!

Halloween Costume Ideas #1 - Sexy Darth Vader - Some people think Darth Vader was evil. With each evil act Darth Vader committed, the harder it was to come back to the light. However, according to a recent study by psychologists, Darth Vader suffered from Borderline Personality Disorder. According to these psychologists, Darth Vader suffered from abandonment issues, uncertainty over his identity, and dissociative episodes. Whatever the reason that made this character a Villain, Darth Vader became a household name and Darth Vader sexy villain costumes would be an excellent way to celebrate Halloween! Darth Vader's costume is a life support system that protected his charred body. He also wore a floor length armor weave cape.
Darth Vader Costume
Star Wars Female Darth Vader Costume, Black, Large - Complete with dress, belt, headpiece and knee socks, Darth vader costume comes with printed chest plate, belt and socks printed with armor seams. When Darth Vader looks like this there would be no need to use the force! These halloween costume ideas are great and this one includes a dress, belt, headpiece and knee high socks. These are one of the many Star Wars costumes from our store, don't forget to check out the other costumes and accessories as well! Includes Officially licensed Darth Vader dress, belt, headpiece and knee-high socks as featured.Show the good points of the dark side in this steaming Star Wars Sexy Villains costumes!
sexy villain costumes
Darth Vader Costume w Cape
Women's Star Wars Darth Vader Woman's Deluxe Costume Jumpsuit, Multi, - Choose to be on the dark side in this officially licensed Halloween Costume Ideas, Darth Vader Empress costume featuring a black jumpsuit with attached molded armor on the legs, chest, and torso, an attached black cape, belt and Darth Vader mask. Fun and flirty remake of a classic movie villain
halloween costume ideas
Darth Vader Dress
Star Wars Darth Vader Skater Dress - Dress featuring an all over print of Darth Vader's costume.


Halloween Costume Ideas #2 - Sexy Captain Hook - Almost nothing gets past the character in these sexy villain costumes! Captain James Bartholomew Hook is very intelligent and is able to persuasively trick his nemesis, Peter Pan. He is also able to find loopholes in contracts! Captain Hook is feared arrogant pirate. He abandoned sailing the seven seas to search for Peter Pan. Captain hook has black, curly, shoulder length hair, a large hooked nose and a thin mustache. Captain Hook wears a frilly white cravat under his crimson coat. Here are some great Halloween Costume Ideas for a Sexy Captain Hook.
sexy villain costumes
Captain Hook Costume
Sexy Captain Hook Costume - Prepare to die, Peter Pan! Give them a splash in this HOT Captain Hook Pirate Costume - Great Halloween Costume Ideas. An adult 6Pc. costume, Captain Hook Includes: Dress, Belt, Lace cuff, Ruffle Choker, Hat and Hook! Size: S-M-L. Color: Red. Very Limited Quantity, Won't Last!
halloween costume ideas
Captain Hook w Lace
Sexy Captain Hook Pirate Halloween Costumes for Women - Includes Strapless Corset with Lace-up Back and Hook and Eye Side Closure, Mini Skirt with Two Layers of Lace Hem. Pirate Hat with Gold and Lace Trim, Wrist Cuffs, Velvet Choker with Hanging Lace , and Hook. Great Sexy Villain Costumes make Captain Hook a must have this Halloween!
Halloween Costume Ideas #3 - The Terminator - As an infiltration unit, The Terminator is Programmed to kill it's target. This T-101 robot assassin is part man, part machine. The Terminator is nearly unstoppable - This Robot survived a truck explosion while trying to kill Sarah Connor to prevent the birth of the future leader of the human resistance. These Sexy Villain Costumes are tough, scary and hot!
terminator halloween costume ideas
The Terminator Costume
Women's Terminator Jumpsuit Adult Costume  Includes: Jumpsuit, glasses, gloves, cartridge belt, holster belt. Give them an 'I'll be back' warning when you turn to leave in our Women's Terminator Jumpsuit Adult Costume. It will give the ladies a chance to suit up as a cyborg assassin!
womens terminator costume
The Terminator Jumpsuit Costume
Women's Terminator Motorcycle Jacket Costume - Includes: Jacket, skirt, glasses, gloves, belt with holster. You'll look indestructibly sexy in this sexy women's Terminator costume! You'll look like you ran out of a scene from Terminator 3 when you wear the Women's Sexy Villain Costumes Terminator Terminatrix Costume. Five-piece costume includes black vinyl zipper motorcycle jacket with Terminator logos and skull
Halloween Costume Ideas #4 - Joker - Batman's arch nemesis, the Joker, is a master criminal with a clown-like appearance. He's a calculating trickster, manipulator and a thief. His most powerful weapon is his sinister mind.
sexy villain costumes
Joker Costume
Super Villain Joker Costume, Green - Bust out of Arkham Asylum and stir up some trouble in this Sexy Joker Supervillain Female Adult Costume! A truly troubled character, the Joker has given Batman the slip on more than one occasion. In this sassy and fitted green dress and coordinating accessories, like our fantastic green wig, you'll be the sexiest Joker in the DC universe! Lead the other sexy supervillains to victory over Gotham! Costume Includes: Fitted Green Dress Matching Green Collar Attached Yellow Tie Green Wig (2) White Gloves Does Not Include: Makeup Shoes. While in Gotham City you will notice that Batman has a great deal of fans. People running around wearing the symbol of the dark knight on their chest and having backpacks covered in the cape crusader's logos. With these fans you never have to worry about them doing something crazy unlike the Joker's fans. These insane individuals love to make their hair the same color as the clown prince of crime's and follow him to his capers. Even the superfans try to dress up very similar to this supervillain. Now you can look like the Joker's biggest fan in this sexy villain costumes!
halloween costume ideas
Joker Costume Sociopath
Sexy Psychopath Joker Fancy Dress Costume - Transform into a killer clown this Halloween with our eye-catching Sexy Psychopath Joker Costume! The stunning purple and green outfit even comes complete with a green wig.
Halloween Costume Ideas #5 - Maleficent - This evil woman has anger issues and is very arrogant! This woman will get spiteful if she doesn't have her way! She actually cursed a baby because she wasn't invited to a party. Maleficent is a fairy with magical powers, much like a fairy godmother, but this fairy has become evil and her ruthless and devious character make her a super villain. She has a pale green skin tone, a narrow face and a prominent chin. She is tall and wears a black and purple robe. She has yellow eyes and wears a horned head dress. Talk about the ultimate sexy villain costumes
maleficent costume
Maleficent Costume
3Pc.Maleficent Dress Stay Up Collar and Head Piece - Maleficent costume featuring long-sleeve dress with front slit and mesh cape Horn-shaped headpiece Stand-up collar
maleficent costume with wings
Dramatic Maleficent Costume
Women's Maleficent, Purple/Black - Panne and satin shimmer dress with embroidered bodice, petticoat collar with attached broach. Headpiece with embroidered details
Halloween Costume Ideas #6 - Ursula - with a wikced sense of humor and sinistor motives, Ursula is a persuasive manipulator. She likes to lie and provide half-truths. Ursula is able to make concoctions, spells and potions and has the ability to transform people into a different species. She has the ability to turn people into polyps if they cannot fulfill a contract she made with them. Ursula is obese, with lavender skin color and a mole on her cheek. She has white hair, red lipstick, red nails, purple coral shell earrings and wears a black cord with a shell as a necklace. Ursula's body is octopus-like with tentacles.
ursula costume
Ursula Costume
Ursula Costume - Velvet dress with clear straps and Bendable sequined tentacles make this magnificent Ursula costume unique and dangerously attractive. This Ursula costume is an officially licensed Disney Wicked costume.
Halloween Costume Ideas #7 - Cruella de Vil This woman is so evil, she will skin your puppy! She loves fashion and she would wear your puppy's fur in public. Cruella de Vil doesn't scheme like most villains. She acts on impulse which causes her to have reckless behavior. Cruella is skeletal-like in appearance, she has black hair on one side of her head and white hair on the other side. She wears a skin tight black dress with red gloves, pointy red pumps, green earings and of course, a fur coat. This is a morbid sexy villain costumes
Cruella Costume
Cruella De Vil Costume
101 Dalmatians Sassy Cruella de Vil Costume, Black/White - This sexy Cruela de Vil dress comes with the form fitting dress, red gloves and a wig.
Halloween Costume Ideas #8 - Jaws This is one villain that is the most realistic (besides maybe Joker the sociopath). Sharks are definitely a creature in the animal that you should avoid. Jaws from the horror film in 1975, was a gregarious man eating great white shark. Jaws is stubborn and tough with lots of anger and a taste for human blood. Jaws is hard to beat, which is what the entire movie is about. Jaws was an intelligent shark.
shark costume
Shark Costume
Women's Shark Dress Adult, Gray/Red/White, Sexy - Who says sharks can't be sexy? The shark dress is a fun dress for this halloween. The dress has a dorsal fin on the back and a tail coming out of the back of the dress.
Halloween Costume Ideas #9 - Wicked Witch of the West - These halloween costume ideas for a scary witch are great! This malevolent ruler of Winkie Country, is sinister and lives in an ugly castle. She has green skin with warts on her nose. She vows revenge on Dorothy for accidentally killing her sister, but then her motive shifts when she wants the pretty pair of ruby slippers that Dorothy wears. She wants those ruby slippers for total control of Oz.
wicked witch of the west costume
Wicked Witch of the West Costume
Wicked Witch of the West Costume - Wicked Witch of the West Includes: Dress w/ Attached Petticoat, Witch Hat, Glovelettes, Studded Choker, Striped Thigh Highs. Black w/ Purple and Green. Dress: Mini Dress w/ Front Corset Boning, Underwire Support and Back Zip, Clear Shoulder Straps and Ribbon Shoulder Ties, Ribbon LaceUp at Sides for Some Fit Adjustment, Attached Sheer Skirt w/ Attached Lace Edged Petticoat; Slip On Stretch Fingerless Gloves
Halloween Costume Ideas #10 - Beetlejuice - Beetlejuice is a rude and perverted ghost. He does disgusting things like spits in his coat and he's quite selfish. He likes to pull pranks on people and is a prankster. He has tons of powers like, Reality warping and fabric manipulation, Invulnerability, Levitation/Flight, Regeneration, Shapeshifting, Teleportation, Can conjure/summon objects, Possession and Can mimic people's voices. In the movie, he dresses in old clothes and a big old coat, but in the cartoon series, he wears black and white stripes. Beetlejuice sexy villain costumes? So strange that it actually works!
Beetlejuice Costume
BeetleJuice Costume
Beetle Juice Costume, Black/White - Includes mini dress, one piece with a black and white striped corset over-coat look, Wild wig and collar choker included

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