10 Halloween Costume Ideas for a Baby Villain

There are many cute Halloween costumes in which you can dress up your baby. There are Halloween Costume Ideas for baby animal themes, (which are really cute) and there are Halloween Costume Ideas for a Baby Superhero themes. These baby costume ideas are great, But What can be cuter than dressing your baby up as a villain? Villains are so sinister and mean that they threaten anyone that can cross their paths but babies are the complete opposite. Babies are innocent and adorable and non-threatening. Take a villain costume and dress your baby in it and what do you get? A cute baby villain!

Halloween Costume Ideas #1 - Baby Darth Vader - Darth Vader was mean and scary and nobody wanted to play with him. Maybe that's why he became so mean? Join the Dark Side of the Crib with this Darth Vader Baby Costume - Great Baby Costume Ideas!
Star Wars Darth Vader Baby Costumehalloween costume ideas - Vader is depicted as the epitome of pure evil and the apparent murderer of Luke Skywalker's father. All in all, he has really never looked this cute! Darth Vader will make it on the cute halloween costumes list this year . This Darth Vader Costume is made of warm fleece and features easy open inner leg snaps Includes soft headpiece with detachable cape. Great Baby Costume Ideas!


Halloween Costume Ideas #2 - Baby Jailbird - Is your baby locked up in his crib for bad behavior? A jailbird costume would make a great photo opportunity for your cute halloween costumes scrapbook!
Time Out Cute Baby Jailbird - Black/Whitebaby costume ideas - If Your Little One Tends To Get Into Trouble, The Infant Toddler Time Out Prisoner Cute Halloween Costumes Is A Great Choice For His Next Halloween Party! C'mon warden, give the kid parole for good behavior. After trick or treating, it's back to the pen. The Time Out Prisoner Costume Infant Toddler features a black and white striped jumpsuit with attached skid resistant booties, a prisoner identification design on the chest, and comes with attached arm sleeves that feature tattoos. The outfit also includes a matching black and white stripped cap and the jumpsuit comes with snaps that allow for easy diaper changes. Your baby will look amusingly cute in this costume and will incite lots of gasps and laughs from friends and family. She'll have a ton of personality in this outfit, which will make for many photo worthy moments, so make sure to have a camera on hand to capture everything. Comes with a striped jumpsuit (note the mesh tattoo sleeves) with attached, snaps for easy diaper change and skid resistant feet!
Halloween Costume Ideas #3 - Captain Hook - Captain Hook was the fiercest and silliest pirate of the seven seas. He wanted revenge on Peter Pan because of the loss of his arm. He was intelligent and manipulative. He was the roughest, toughest bad guy in the story of Peter Pan.
Cap'n Stinker, Black/White/Red, Largebaby costume ideas - Cap'n Stinker Costume - Your baby will look like the biggest rascal on the seven seas in this cute "Cap'n Stinker" pirate costume. Pirates make cute halloween costumes for baby Boys! Ahoy! Stay one step ahead of the other parents! Let your infant show Hes a baby pirate on Halloween! - Cap and jumpsuit with attached vest and belt, snaps for easy diaper change


Halloween Costume Ideas #4 - Big Bad Baby Wolf - Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? The big bad wolf was after the three little piggies and he huffed and puffed. He has Big Eyes, Big Ears and Big Teeth!
Baby's Wolf Bellyhalloween costume ideas - Your baby will be howling with laughter in this fun stuffed swirl plush body with fully detailed head and shoe covers. Win the hearts of gullible grandmas and smiling girls in red capes in the Wolf Belly Babies Toddler Costume. The charm of this dark grey wolf bodysuit with swirl detail and furry belly, ears and tail will have everyone wandering right over to this wolf.
Halloween Costume Ideas #5 - Abominable Snowbaby - The Abominable Snowbaby is an ape-like yeti that resides in the ice cold region of the Himalayas. Abominable Snowbabies are cute halloween costumes and should be on your baby costume ideas list!
Baby's Abominable Snowbabycute halloween costumes - It Sure Is Getting Chilly! Prepare Your Little One With An Abominable Snowbaby Costume. Abominable Snowbaby? More like Adorable Snowbaby! Our Deluxe Abominable Snowbaby Costume features a super-soft, lined jumpsuit with furry white sleeves and legs. Snap closure on the legs makes diaper changes a breeze, and slip-on booties have skid-resistant bottoms. Top it off with the comfy plush hood with a silly face for a look sure to melt your heart. Baby Deluxe Abominable Snowbaby Costume includes: Jumpsuit Hood Booties. Cute Halloween Costumes!
Halloween Costume Ideas #6 - Dracubaby - Dracubaby will sink his little teeth into your arm if you make him mad!
Baby Count Cutie Dracula Costume cute halloween costumes - Includes Jumpsuit with Detachable Cape and Attached Jabot and Bat Pendant with Snaps for Easy Diaper Change. This cute diaperbaby costume is fangtastic!
Halloween Costume Ideas #7 - Frankenbaby - Frankenbaby is crudely made of different parts. These cute baby costumes are electric!
cute halloween costumes
Monster-Boocute baby costumes - Looking for the perfect costume for your toddler? Why not Frankenstein? This little Monster Boo costume for kids is sure to create a lot of memories on Halloween night. Make your little monster's Halloween memorable with this fun Frankenstein costume. In black. What's Included Long-sleeved jumpsuit Hood Fabric & Care Polyester Hand wash
Halloween Costume Ideas #8 - Baby King Pin - The ultimate villain in the game Angry Birds, this naughty piggy
baby costume ideas
Angry Birds King Pin Costumecute baby costumes - This costume includes character bunting tunic and hood.
Halloween Costume Ideas #9 - Batty Baby - Another little biter, this adorable bat baby costume is super cool!
cute halloween costumes
Infant Baby Bat Costumebaby costume ideas - How Appropriate That Bats Wake Up At Night, Just Like Your Little One. The Baby Bat Halloween Costume Infant Toddler Includes A Black Bodysuit With A Printed Tuxedo Front, Detachable Bat Wings, An Attached Bat Face Hood, And Attached Feet. You'll Love Your Child In This Adorable Costume. Your ittybitty bat decided to dress up for the night. He wears a footed jumpsuit with printed bow tie and buttons. The wings are detachable and the hood sports silly eyes, ears and a plush tuft at the top.
Halloween Costume Ideas #10- Tarantula Baby - This baby costume is creepy, crawly and cute!
baby costume ideas
Baby Spider Costume - This Itsy Bitsy Spider Costume Toddler Is A Cute Representation Of The Hardworking Spider Who Climbed The Water Spout. Adorable infant costume that includes jumpsuit with attached skid resistant booties and separate hood.

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